Matthew and Grace Huang Can Finally Leave Qatar

The Los Angeles couple was prevented from returning to the U.S. despite being found innocent in their daughter’s 2013 death

Matthew and Grace Huang’s nightmarish saga looks as though it might end.

Yesterday we reported that the Los Angeles couple was acquitted Sunday in the January 2013 death of their daughter. Even so, they were inexplicably detained at the Doha airport when they tried to leave Qatar: Their passports were confiscated by immigration authorities and a travel ban was still in place.

The setback caused heartache for the Huangs, who have been communicating with their other two children—who, after being placed briefly in a Qatari orphanage, are now staying with relatives in L.A.—via Skype. This morning, however, U.S. Ambassador Dana Shell Smith tweeted some good news:

If all goes well, the Huangs will be on a plane back to the United States tomorrow. But with the myriad stumbling blocks that have stalled their return up until now, family representative and managing director of California’s David House International Crisis Agency Eric Volz is still putting pressure on the U.S. government. “Matt and Grace Huang are eager to get home to Los Angeles,” he said in a statement. “We ask that the State Department keep up any necessary pressure to ensure Matt and Grace are able to depart tomorrow.”