Mary Melton in the Frying Pan News


We’re all for more blogs that tackle the local economy and how to improve it. A couple of months ago the social advocacy group LAANE launched Frying Pan News, with original content from business leaders, elected officials, philanthropists, journalists, community advocates—you know the type. (Steven Mikulan, who wrote the riveting story in this month’s magazine about the death of cult movie star Yvette Vickers, is an editor there.) 

Today Frying Pan News is running an interview with our very own editor-in-chief, Mary Melton. Melton spoke with LAANE Communications Director Danny Feingold about how income inequality affects Los Angeles, why diversity is our city’s greatest strength, and what’s wrong—yes, wrong—with the Los Angeles Times.

See what Melton had to say, plus a shot of her wearing a really great pair of sunglasses, here