In Case You Were Wondering, Marianne Williamson Isn’t Dropping Out of the Presidential Race

Despite not qualifying for Tuesday’s debate, the L.A.-based self-help guru is doubling down on her struggling campaign

Self-help author and democratic candidate Marianne Williamson says she’s more determined than ever to seek the Democratic party’s nomination for president after watching Tuesday’s debate, for which she failed to qualify.

Ahead of both the September and October debates, Williamson met the DNC threshold of 130,000 donations, but reached the 2 percent qualifying mark in just two out of four DNC-approved polls. Now, she has a message for anyone asking, “Isn’t it time for you to drop out now, Marianne?”

“After that debate Tuesday night, are you kidding?” she writes in an op-ed for the Washington Post. “Let me get this right. You think a sanitized wish list of Democratic proposals, focused just enough on appealing to people’s self-interest but not going anywhere near a serious discussion of what ails us, is going to defeat the Republicans? You think your 2016 redux, containing no hint of self-reflection on what created the disaster last time, is going to fight off the specter of neo-fascism?”

Of her fellow candidates’ performances on Tuesday, Williamson says it “was a lot of things, but it was not exciting. It contained no magic. If anything, it reduced some very nice people to behavior their mothers probably raised them not to engage in. Which woman who claims feminist ideals can be the nastiest to another woman? Which young person can show the greatest arrogance toward those with decades of experience under their belts? Which intelligent person can best reduce a complicated topic to pabulum for the masses?”

Williamson had similar feelings watching September’s debate.  “When I watched tonight it was as if I was eating leftovers,” she said last month. “It was not as exciting as you need it to be. But of course, the candidates are not responsible for the questions that are being asked by the media. It’s an entire system. Political Media Industrial Complex as I like to call it.”

While Williamson has a point, she might also be polling better if her own ideas on how to take down Trump were slightly less exciting. When she made the stage in June’s debate, she vowed to “harness love” to defeat the President.

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