MamaLA:Confessions of a Guilty Mama: We Just Spent $90 for Leggings—For A 12-year-old

Lululemon’s all the rage for the under 18 set, too

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In a city as self-conscious about health and fitness as L.A., we probably shouldn’t be surprised that—along with Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba—our daughters are suddenly into cute workout clothes. Considering the active wear industry is booming (it rose 7% last year alone to $31.6 billion while the rest of the clothing industry stayed at a 1% rise, according to The Associated Press), it’s no wonder that the trend has trickled down to our kids. Unfortunately, it’s also found our wallets.

This past Christmas, Yasmine stepped into a Lululemon store for the very first time while looking for their Wunder Under Pants—but not for herself. She was shopping for her niece and her daughter, both of whom had put the yoga wear on their Christmas wish lists. Neither girl has lavish tastes, but they picked up on the trend after seeing other girls wearing their Wunder Under Pants around. Not having purchased a pair before, Yasmine was shocked at the sticker price: $90.

She lost a little bit of her Zen. Was it crazy to spend that much on a pair of leggings? Yes. Still, it was a rare request for something specific from the girls in her life. Yasmine harkened back to her own childhood, when she asked our mom for a preppy navy blazer from the local (and only) fashion-forward kids clothing boutique in our hometown, The White Pony. Mom was never one to buy the latest thing just because we asked for it, but she recognized in the request Yasmine’s desire to express her individuality through fashion, and she bought the blazer. It was a huge deal.

Lululemon pants for tween and teen girls may seem extravagant, but in breaking it down, Yasmine realized it isn’t really all that different from buying other sports gear (we’ve dropped our fair share of funds on cleats, for example). If our girls are interested in healthy, physical activity—and not just the pants you’d wear while doing it—then that’s OK by us. We’re just eternally grateful that Lululemon shored up their fabric weave so it’s no longer see-through! The version in stores now is well made. The pants keep their shape and don’t pill or snag like other (read: less expensive) workout bottoms. Hopefully they’ll last a season or two—in style.

As a side note, the Lululemon store at The Americana at Brand has a fantastic sale section upstairs with notably good deals and there was also a major warehouse sale last summer down at the L.A. Convention Center so be on the lookout for it if you want some major deals. There’s even a sale section on Lululemon’s website coined We Made Too Much.  

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