MamaLA: Sole Searching


Lots of changes happen after you have your first child. Your world has forever shifted; your body has gone through a metamorphosis. Immediately following your baby’s birth, you rifle through your closet trying to find something that’ll work with this new, still trying to be hip mom version of yourself: nursing accessible tops, anything other than maternity leftovers, and shoes for feet that transformed while carrying extra weight for nine months.

Yasmine and Soraya watched their feet grow a size or two during each pregnancy, all the while praying they could someday slip back into their Carrie Bradshaw-approved stilettos. Yasmine often referred to her pregnancy feet as Temperpedic. You know the trick: “Press on my feet and check out how long your fingerprint will last!”  

Soraya’s youngest is five years old and Yasmine’s baby is eight and a half months. Big difference, right? Not when it comes to mom’s shoes. Evenings out with girlfriends or date nights with our husbands should be the perfect opportunity to branch away from Havaianas and back into something stylish—with a heel—but while we both enjoyed years of fun-but-painful footwear,  we just can’t endure the torture anymore.

Luckily, we have a treasured secret for feeling sexy and comfortable: Calleen Cordero shoes. Yasmine recently bought a pair of Cordero’s gorgeous wedges, which happen to be handmade; it can take up to 36 pairs of hands to make one pair! They are produced here in Los Angeles, so they score extra points for being local. But the real kicker (pun intended) is that they are so damn easy to wear. Yasmine has taken hers around town while running errands. She has become “that” mom wearing heels to preschool pick-up, but it is because they are honestly more comfortable than the other shoes (that fit) in her closet. Her new kicks have a padded footbed, and some of Cordero’s shoes even have an EVA midsole. Don’t know what that is? It’s the same support put into professional-quality basketball sneakers. 

We’re not going to tiptoe around the costs. You can find cheaper shoes. What you will get with these are high-quality shoes that will last years, many made with leather that gets better with age. Cordero doesn’t design based on trends, so they maintain a quintessentially L.A. casual-chic vibe, equally cute with boyfriend jeans or dresses. In fact, Soraya’s still rocking Cordero sandals she bought after baby number two—he is six now, proof the investment lasts. 

Why are we mentioning all of this now? Cordero’s Sunset Plaza store location is having a sample sale until July 27. We would say run, but if you’re wearing Havaianas, your fallen arches may slow you down. 

8659 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, (310) 360-0527
13019 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, (818) 285-8533