MamaLA: Milk Shakin’ Momas


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Yum. That’s all we can say. Okay, we will say more. We were introduced to Mylk last year, and now just typing the name makes us want to race to the fridge for a fix. A fellow MamaLA pal called with a too-good-to-be-true reaction to… almond milk. Really. Sure, we liked almond milk and even gave it to our kids as a post-breastmilk option, but how different could this Mylk stuff be? Turns out that “y” makes a huge difference. Mylk is locally homemade with only two ingredients: organic almonds from Italy and fresh coconut water from young Thai coconuts. Every week, this delicious concoction is whipped up in Venice and delivered old school milkman-style to your doorstep (so long as you live between Malibu and Pasadena). Just leave out your clean empty Mylk jars and your Mylkman will leave a fresh batch that’ll satisfy a week’s worth of protein packed smoothies, electrolyte charged after-sports drinks, and even a tasty addition to French toast (the coconut water caramelizes the edges). With zero additives or preservatives, we call it a great way to get calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and antioxidant immune boosting vitamin E into the whole family’s diet. Rumor has it that founding Mylkman Jeff Leaf is experimenting with chocolate and strawberry versions that will debut soon. This recipe, which is raw, vegan, and gluten and soy free and provided by Leaf, should tide us all over until then.


1 frozen banana
10 oz. Mylkman Mylk
1 pitted date

Peel bananas and freeze.
Combine all ingredients in blender until milkshake consistency is achieved.

*For ice cream, freeze until mixture hardens.

With five children and two stepchildren ranging in age from four months to sixteen years between them, sisters Yasmine Delawari Johnson and Soraya Delawari Dancsecs are experts at parenting in L.A. They take a break from PTA board meetings, cooking, and producing films to blog at CityThink each Thursday.