A Man in a MAGA Hat Was Arrested for Allegedly Dousing Anti-Trump Protesters in Bear Repellent

A Santa Monica anti-Trump protest ended with a Trump supporter in cuffs

You can say a lot of things about fervent Trump supporters, but don’t say they aren’t resourceful. During an anti-Trump protest at the Santa Monica Pier on Saturday afternoon, a counter protester in a red Make America Great Again hat allegedly doused the president’s critics with a liquid identified as bear repellent.

A Santa Monica Police sergeant identified by the L.A. Times as D. Hicks initially refused to release the name of the spray-attack suspect, but KTLA later identified him as 32-year-old David Nicholas Dempsey, who news reports say is a convicted felon barred from possessing tear gas or pepper spray. Bear repellent is a pepper spray that Selfdefenseninja.com calls “an effective self defense against humans,” capable of causing intense burning pain, excessive tearing, swelling of the eyelids, and even temporary blindness.

Hicks said the protest started on the beach, but when made it to the pier and encountered a smattering of Trump supporters, “everything went to crap” after about ten minutes.

Police are currently working to identify an older man who was also reportedly seen spraying something toward the crowd.

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