Amazon Billionaire MacKenzie Scott Divorces High School Teacher Hubby

The couple vowed to give away her vast e-commerce fortune together, but it looks like Scott will be doling it out on her own

The whirlwind marriage of billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott and a Seattle high school science teacher has ended while the couple still qualified for The Newlywed Game.

Scott, formerly married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos—the world’s second richest person, forever following Elon Musk—has filed for divorce from her second husband, Dan Jewett, according to court records seen by the Wall Street Journal. The pair, who were wed in early 2021, had publicly announced they would give away her vast fortune together.

Scott filed a petition for divorce from Jewett on Monday in King County Superior Court in Washington State. There is a separation contract to divide property. Jewett, who did not contest the divorce, was previously a popular science teacher at Seattle’s tony Lakeside School, where the Bezos children were students.

Scott has given away billions since her 2019 split from the online commerce king, which ended a 25-year marriage. Also in 2019, she joined the Giving Pledge, a campaign created by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in which people with obscene wealth promise to give the majority of their fortunes to philanthropic causes. It is evident that Scott and Jewett were working together to distribute the money: according to WSJ “some of the organizations that received donations since Ms. Scott’s and Mr. Jewett’s marriage thanked both of them.”

However, as the New York Times reports, “Previously, grateful nonprofits that had received grants from Ms. Scott and Mr. Jewett thanked them both, but recent recipients thank her alone.”

Scott recently donated $55 million in the form of two Beverly Hills homes to a local non-profit organization. In 2020, she gave away $5.7 billion, followed by $2.7 billion the next year. In March, it was reported that Scott donated $3.86 billion to 465 organizations in less than a year, including Planned Parenthood and Habitat for Humanity.

Scott owned a roughly 2.9 percent stake in Amazon as of February of this year, and has a net worth of $28.9 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, making her the 39th richest person in the world.

While Scott doesn’t participate in interviews, the mega-donor has written about her ideas regarding her philanthropical work.

“I have a disproportionate amount of money to share,” Scott wrote in a letter to the Giving Pledge made public in May 2019. “My approach to philanthropy will continue to be thoughtful. It will take time and effort and care. But I won’t wait. And I will keep at it until the safe is empty.”

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