Los Angeles County Scores Not One But Two Data Plan Upgrades

We’re getting WiFi and cell phone service for the Red Line and a new Web site with county info

L.A. is really connecting. Last week the Metro got moving on an $800,000 project to provide cell phone service to subway riders plus WiFi service at stations. While full installation won’t be complete for another two years, four stations along the Red Line should be connected as early as May.

In the meanwhile, the Los Angeles County Board of Supes voted to create a Web site that will contain in one place all of the city data currently made available to the public through the city’s various departments—and more information not yet accessible. The Open Data Initiative was passed unanimously yesterday. After the vote, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas said the plan will “make the county more transparent and accountable” to Angelenos. Data isn’t free: According to the Los Angeles Times, the site will cost the county nearly $300,000 per year after a first-year cost of about $318,000 (which includes start-up fees).