Let This Sink in: L.A. Now Has More High Tech Sector Jobs Than Santa Clara


A new report compiled over the summer and titled “High Tech in LA” was released to the public this week, and it reveals one whopper of a fact: Los Angeles County has more high tech sector jobs than Santa Clara County, which—for those of you unfamiliar with NorCal geography—includes the heart of Silicon Valley. (In fact we bested Boston-Cambridge, too, which also has bragging rights over Santa Clara.) “High Tech in LA” was authored by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Institute for Applied Economics, and it came to its big conclusion by defining what the high tech workforce looks like and then comparing wages made available by the Bureau of Labor Statistics across regions. The study found that in 2013, more than 368,500 people held high-tech industry jobs in Los Angeles—that’s more than any other metro region in the United States. The figure includes jobs you’d expect, like web application developers and aerospace engineers, and also some you wouldn’t, like the service providers who connect software and tech tools to clients (and possibly even the guy who picks you up when you book a ride online). “We’re all a little surprised,” said Christine Cooper, the vice president of the Institute for Applied Economics, “We don’t talk about that part of our economy. We’re famous for beaches and Hollywood. This makes an impression.”