The Legendary Sunset Junction Sign in Silver Lake Has Been Changed

It now promotes an anti-development ballot initiative

Sunset Junction’s welcoming blue and white sign—arguably one of the most iconic parts of Silver Lake—is no longer. At least not in its original form.

Christine and Gareth Kantner, who own the connected building complex (which houses Intelligentsia Coffee, the Cheese Store of Silverlake, and Dean Leather Accessories), recently modified the sign to read “SAVE SILVERLAKE” and “VOTE YES ON MEASURE S,” according to L.A. Weekly.

Measure S will be on the March 7 ballot and is designed to curb major development across the city. Previously, Christine Kantner expressed opposition toward the multi-story Junction Gateway project, planned for across the street. (A spokesperson for the project, however, told the L.A Weekly that Measure S wouldn’t affect the proposed building plan.)

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And—because of course—the new sign seems to have generated some controversy about whether Silver Lake should be written as one or two words. To be fair, the old sign said “Welcome to Silverlake.” (But it’s two words, guys. We’ve already settled this.)