Latest Poll Indicates L.A. Mayor Race Won’t End on Election Day

Rep. Karen Bass was still holding a slight lead over billionaire Rick Caruso on Friday… But it’s literally too slight to factor

With just a weekend and a bleary Monday left to go until the 2022 election, businessman Rick Caruso has elbowed his way deep into what was recently a considerable lead by Congresswoman Karen Bass in the Los Angeles mayoral race. In fact, a new poll from the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies indicates that the contest is now so tight that there’s almost no chance this thing ends on Tuesday.

The survey of 1,131 likely voters in the city of Los Angeles conducted from October 25-31 found that Bass is now ahead by just 45 percent to Caruso’s 41 percent, according to the Los Angeles Times, which sponsored the poll. That’s not only a steep slide from the 15-point high ground Bass enjoyed a month ago, it’s also within the study’s margin of error, meaning, statistically, that the U.S. Rep. doesn’t necessarily have any lead at all.

Other recent polls, the Times points out, also indicate that the longtime public servant is ultimately in a dead heat with the billionaire owner of the Commons at Calabasas, the Promenade at West Lake, the Grove, and many other high-end destinations you’ve likely visited—unless Caruso happened to find your presence to be politically inconvenient.

This likely means that whether you’re a Bass booster or a Caruso devotee—or simply burnt-out by the both of them, and their campaigns—even Election Day will bring no relief.

As L.A. County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean Logan told ABC7, “While we’ll have robust election results Tuesday night, if there is a close contest, it’s going to be weeks after the election before we see definitive results, but ultimately, while that can be frustrating, that’s ultimately about making sure that every ballot vote gets counted.”

Asked about the latest figures while campaigning at a farmers market in the Pico-Union area Friday, Bass responded with other numbers.

“Considering that Mr. Caruso has spent nearly $100 million in his campaign, I am happy with where we are,” she said.

Caruso was happier to discuss the polls, saying at a recent event, “Now that we’re tied every vote counts.”

Bass countered at another campaign stop, “The poll that really matters is the poll on Tuesday.”

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