Former L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Gets Seven Years Behind Bars for a Brazen Cannabis Heist

”The seriousness of the crime could not be overstated,” a judge said at Marc Antrim’s sentencing hearing on Monday

A former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy who orchestrated a brazen gunpoint heist of a marijuana warehouse—while in uniform—was sentenced to seven years in federal prison Monday in connection with the theft of a half-ton of legal weed.

Marc Antrim, 43, of South El Monte had been assigned to the LASD station in Temple City, but was off duty during the early morning hours of October 29, 2018, when he and two coconspirators pulled up to a secured pot warehouse in downtown Los Angeles in an LASD Ford Explorer dressed as sheriff’s deputies.

Antrim flashed his badge and a bogus search warrant at the security guard as another man, not a sheriff, brandished a long gun. They forced the guard and two other employees into the cage of the LASD department’s SUV and went to work.

marc antrim heist sheriff
Surveillance images used as trial exhibits

Courtesy U.S. Attorney's Office

In the middle of the hold-up, at around 3:45 a.m., the LAPD showed up, responding to a call for service. Once again, Antrim pulled his badge out and convinced the cops he was an undercover narcotics deputy conducting a legitimate search.

“To facilitate the sham Antrim handed his phone to one of the LAPD officers so that the police officer could speak to someone on the phone claiming to be Antrim’s LASD Sergeant,” federal prosecutors said.

Of course, the voice on the other end was not a law enforcement official and Antrim did not have a search warrant for the premises. The LAPD officers left, and Antrim and the two other men, Matthew James Perez, 44, and Kevin McBride, 45, went back to loading up a rental truck driven to the location by a fourth robber, federal prosecutors said.

Perez and McBride are each serving six years in prison for their respective roles in the crime.

“After LAPD officers left the warehouse, other co-conspirators arrived and the robbery continued, allowing the fake law enforcement crew to steal even more marijuana and two large safes containing over a half million dollars in cash,” prosecutors said in a statement announcing Antrim’s seven-year sentence.

“The seriousness of the crime could not be overstated,” U.S. District Court Judge Virginia A. Phillips said at Antrim’s sentencing. She also called it another tragedy for the public’s trust in law enforcement. Recently, the LASD has been under intense scrutiny for the proliferation of criminal gangs in its ranks. Reporting by Knock L.A. indicates that there are at least 18 gangs within the department.

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