L.A.’s Most Inspiring Women

When it comes to making L.A. better, those who made this year’s list of power hitters aren’t just leaning in—they’re leading the way

Ana Guerrero

In the L.A. mayor’s office, the first Latina chief of staff helps shape the city’s future

Photograph by Jon Endow

Her lightbulb moment: I was hired as an office manager at a community organization, and I realized there the power of civic engagement. I saw people who didn’t think they could make an impact on their world suddenly taking control of their lives—attending a meeting with a mayor or a police chief and asking for things to make their neighborhoods better.

Her secret to success: I don’t leave the room until we have figured out a solution to a problem. I learned at an early age that whoever does the work controls the outcome. I have to give my husband credit. He is supportive of my career, so if I need to stay at work until 2 a.m. or show up at 6 a.m., I can do that knowing that my family is well taken care of.

The reward: I enjoy my job. My father was in the guest worker program, and I grew up on an apple farm in Sonoma County. My family is tremendously proud that I’ve come this far, that my hard work has paid off. It’s very humbling.

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