Larry Elder Will Appear on the Recall Ballot—and He Already Leads the Pack

A poll shows that the conservative talk show host has a ten-point lead on the next-most-popular Republican challengers

UPDATE: JULY 23 — Conservative talk show host Larry Elder has been cleared to appear on the recall ballot, among 45 other other candidates hoping to take over for California Governor Gavin Newsom if more than 50 percent of voters decide he should be booted before his term is up. Secretary of State Shirley Weber’s office initially said that Elder didn’t qualify for the ballot because of “incomplete redacted and/or unredacted income tax returns that were filed.” Elder filed a lawsuit against Weber, arguing that the tax return prerequisite only applies to primary ballots and, if the law did apply, that what he filed was sufficient. A California Superior Court judge agreed.

According to a poll released earlier this week, Elder already has a ten-point lead on the next-most-popular Republican recall candidates. Sixteen percent of respondents said they intend to vote for Elder, while 6 percent said they’d vote for businessman John Cox and another 6 percent said they’d vote for former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. Caitlyn Jenner got just 4 percent support.

Still, 48 percent of poll respondents said they’d prefer to keep Newsom in office, versus the 43 percent who said they want him out. Nine percent are undecided on the matter.

“Californians see this Republican recall for what it is—a blatant attempt by Trump supporters to grab power and impose their Republican agenda on California,” Click told Newsweek. “Democrats can’t get complacent—we have to vote. If Californians vote, we win.”

JULY 20, 2021 — Conservative talk show host Larry Elder literally called “shenanigans” Monday after discovering that he’d been omitted from the official preliminary list of more than three dozen candidates hoping to unseat Governor Gavin Newsom in the September 14 recall election. Secretary of State Shirley Weber’s office says that Elder didn’t qualify to run thanks to “incomplete redacted and/or unredacted income tax returns that were filed,” but the syndicated chatterbox counters that he’s being targeting by California Democrats who fear his political prowess.

Elder filed suit in state Superior Court Tuesday to force Weber to include him on the final, certified list of candidates when the full cavalcade of names is released on Wednesday.

“We’ve complied with everything the secretary of state has required of us,” Elder tweeted on Monday. “The politicians in Sacramento know I’m the only candidate who can beat Gavin Newsom. They are afraid, and they are using whatever shenanigans they can to try to trip me up. It won’t work.”

That bravado doesn’t quite match the “aw, shucks” attitude Elder struck when he announced his would-be candidacy last week, calling it “a long shot” intended “to move the needle in the right direction.”

Elder also contends that Weber’s office hasn’t spelled out exactly what’s wrong with his returns, tweeting, “We filed redacted AND unreacted returns—over 200 pages of 5 years of tax returns. So they are saying either the redacted version or the unreacted version was ‘incomplete.’”

Although it remains unclear whether or not Elder will actually be a candidate in the recall, that’s not stopping him from trying to squeeze some donations out of the situation.

“I’m suing the CA Sec. of State to honor the required items we submitted in order to run and to put me back on the ballot in the CA recall election,” Elder announced in another Monday tweet, adding, “I will not stand for these shenanigans, and I know you won’t either. Will you chip in to back up our fight?”

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