LAPD Officers Have Shot Six People in the Last Seven Days

The most recent shooting took place on Tuesday afternoon at the LAPD’s Olympic Division

On Tuesday afternoon, a tweet from the Los Angeles Police department acknowledged an officer-involved shooting at an intersection that many quickly recognized as the site of the LAPD’s Olympic Division station. As details began to emerge from the scene, early reports indicated that a man approached the station, which is closed to the public due to the pandemic, possibly carrying a firearm. Some type of confrontation ensued, leaving the man shot, but no officers injured. The incident marked the sixth officer-involved shooting by the LAPD in just seven days.

“The department recognizes that five officer-involved shootings in a one-week period is highly unusual,” officials told NBC Los Angeles over the weekend, prior to the most recent incidents. “Each incident will be investigated and evaluated separately, based on evidence gathered including statements of witnesses and the involved officers as well as body-worn video.”

Among the earlier five shootings, two people were killed and three were wounded. The status of today’s shooting victim has not yet been confirmed.

During a Police Commission meeting on Tuesday–just hours before the latest shooting–LAPD Chief Michel Moore termed the rapid occurrence of so many shootings “striking” but did not indicate that he saw the trend as a pattern of misconduct or policy violations.

“Each of these instances will be judged individually on their own merit,” the Los Angeles Times reported Moore saying at the meeting. That judgement will be based on reviews by panels including the Use of Force Review Board, and an analysis of body-cam footage and other evidence.

In 2020, there were a total of 27 recorded LAPD officer-involved shootings.

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