LAPD Investigating Alleged Sexual Assault at West L.A. High School

Video of the attack was subsequently posted to social media, according to students at the Castle Heights neighborhood school

The Los Angeles Police Department has launched an investigation into an alleged sexual assault that students say occurred last week in a boys’ restroom at Hamilton High School in West L.A.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, students at the Castle Heights neighborhood school told reporters that the attack involved several male students surrounding and assaulting a female student, and that it was captured on video, which was subsequently posted to social media.

Neither the LAPD nor the Los Angeles Unified School District has addressed the possible existence of a video.

LAUSD said in a statement, “At Los Angeles Unified, the well-being and safety of our students and staff is of paramount importance. An alleged incident occurred on the campus of Hamilton High School earlier this week potentially involving several students in the boy’s restroom.”

The district continued, “The school administration immediately and proactively began coordinating with the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Unified School Police to investigate the issue. Our school crisis team was also activated, and students were given an opportunity to speak to counselors about their concerns.

“At this point, this situation is an ongoing police investigation. As such, we are unable to comment further so as not to interfere with the police investigation, as well as to respect the privacy rights of students. At Los Angeles Unified, we take all student matters very seriously, and uphold the privacy and confidentiality of all in our school communities.”

Hamilton Principal Jennifer Baxter informed parents via voicemail that the police are investigating an “incident… involving several students in the boys’ room.” Baxter also reiterated that counseling services have been made available to students.

Fox 11 is reporting that the school on the 2900 block of South Robertson Boulevard has hired two addition security guards and that students are being allowed to go to the bathroom in pairs.

No arrests have been made.