Did LAPD Chief Michel Moore’s Wife Travel to Arizona for a Pedicure?

Cindy Moore’s social media posts suggest she wanted a break from social distancing

While most Angelenos are staying at home and avoiding nonessential travel, it appears one prominent city figure may have decided to take a vacation to a jurisdiction with less restrictive rules. Cindy Moore, wife of LAPD chief Michel Moore, posted on Facebook about going to Arizona, CBS Los Angeles reports.

“Took a road trip to Arizona just to have a manicure and pedicure,” a now-deleted post is said to have read. “Fun few days hanging out and doing ‘normal’ stuff.”

Photos and videos posted by the top cop’s wife are reported to have shown her and the couple’s daughter at a nail salon, going jet skiing, eating burgers at a restaurant, and gathering for a group photo at a bar. All of the activities are thought to have been done last week.

Arizona, which has confirmed just over 14,000 COVID-19 cases statewide, allowed its statewide stay-at-home order to expire on May 16. Restaurants and bars in that state are being “encouraged” to limit capacity, but businesses are being hit by large crowds, and few customers are wearing masks, according to local reports.

Less than a month ago, Chief Moore was with Eric Garcetti for a briefing when the mayor asked Angelenos to “hold ourselves accountable and avoid those nonessential activities.”

Just yesterday, Public Health chief Dr. Barbara Ferrer reiterated that going on vacation is very much considered a nonessential activity. “I’d just like to say, please don’t travel unless you have to,” she stated.

The Los Angeles Police Department told Newsweek, “We will not be commenting on the activities of Chief Moore’s family.” The LAPD has so far confirmed 112 cases of COVID-19 among employees.

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