L.A. Museums That Could Double As Celebrity Baby Names


Sage Moonblood. Jermajesty. Pilot Inspektor. Moon Unit and Diva Thin Muffin. No, these are not random compellations of Scrabble letters thrown against flypaper. They are celebrity baby names.

It’s commonplace for stars to wax wacky when naming their children. We decided to jump on the unique baby name bandwagon by highlighting 14 L.A. museums whose handles could do double duty as tiny A-lister monikers. Hey Jessica Simpson, if you end up naming your little guy SPARC, don’t forget to credit us for the inspiration.  

1. Skirball

2. Fowler


4. Getty

5. Nethercutt

6. Chatsworth

7. Geffen

8. Autry

9. Hollyhock

10. Banning

11. Avila

12. Bolton

13. Wende

14. Oran Z