Those Weird L.A. Metro Ads Reminding You Not to Be an A-Hole Are Back

And Danny Trejo makes an appearance this time

Ever see someone breaking the rules on the subway or bus and wish a superhero would appear to fix the problem and sing an explanation of what they did wrong? You must’ve seen the wonderfully bizarre public service announcements L.A. Metro released last year.


Metro partnered with the creative production studio Lord Danger and director Mike Diva to make the PSAs that demonstrate proper behavior on public transportation. The videos went viral, generating more than five million views and attracting worldwide media attention. Today, Metro launched “Season 2” of the campaign.

Diva says, “It was a blast returning to these characters and figuring out different ways to break the format we established in order to keep the idea fresh. We didn’t want to do a rehash of the same stuff that we did in the first three videos so we threw some pretty wild ideas at the L.A. Metro team, like writing a metal song and getting Danny Trejo, and luckily they went for it.”

Super Kind continues to defend L.A.’s buses and trains from people with bad manners—as exemplified by her arch nemesis, Rude Dude. This time around, she comes after people who blast their music without wearing headphones, people who rush to board while other passengers are trying to exit, and illegal vendors.

In “No Loud Music,” Super Kind uses some loud music of her own to deal with a rule violator.

“Wait Your Turn to Enter” changes things up by bringing in actor, restauranteur, and Metro rider Danny Trejo as an expert on rude, dangerous behavior.

In “No Vending,” Super Kind goes head to head with someone selling bootleg “Super Nice” dolls on the train.

Until a real-world Super Kind starts riding the trains and fixing our problems, the best we can hope for is that this batch of videos goes viral, too.

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