L.A. Alum: Sasha Cohen

The champion figure skater and Olympic silver medalist fills out our questionnaire for Angelenos who flew the coop

Class of:

Current location and vocation:
Student at Columbia, NYC

What L.A. taught me is:
How to appear relaxed and collected while being a hyper-competitive and focused person. Also, on the surface L.A. appears to be simply a glamour town, but if you dig deep you can find quite the range of eclectic people and events.

What I miss most about L.A. is:
Most definitely the sunshine and the ocean.

I’d return to L.A. if:
I had kids and was ready to settle down, or if work led me back. I think Southern California is an ideal spot to raise a family, and I will always have a connection since all my family and friends are still there.

What L.A. should or could learn from New York:
Well, L.A. is a spectacular city with unbeatable weather and gorgeous terrain, but I hate the traffic! I truly love that I can walk or take a subway pretty much anywhere in Manhattan.