L.A. Alum: Matt White


The North Carolina-based writer (his feature about USC Song Girl Claudene Christian, who died aboard the tall ship Bounty during Hurricane Sandy, appears in our February issue) fills out our questionnaire for Angelenos who flew the coop

Matt White

L.A. class of:

Current location and vocation:
Chapel Hill, NC; non-profit finance and writer.

What L.A. taught me is:
Endless, often irrational optimism.

What I miss most about L.A. is: Any kind of food at any time, everywhere; western sunsets; the 4th Street stairs in Santa Monica. Best quad-burning smokeshow in America.

I’d return to L.A. if:
And leave the Southern Part Of Heaven?  Not hardly.

What L.A. should or could learn from North Carolina: First, sweet tea and vinegar-based bar-b-que.  Second, do the local TV stations still call that entire third of the state the “Southland”?  If so, you should just embrace your inner Southerner and give in to the greatest word in English: “y’all.” Its inclusive and democratic, yet specific and—best of all—disarmingly friendly. If you’re afraid you’ll sound like Larry the Cable Guy, fine, but do you really want to live where grown adults refer to each other, even in mixed-gender settings, as “you guys?”  Think on it. But seriously: sweet tea. You’re missing out.

Pictured: Matt White with his daughters, Jude, 6 and Tatum, 3.

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