L.A. Alum: Laura Karpman

The Spain-based composer, whose musical scores have landed her four Emmys and numerous Emmy nominations, fills out our questionnaire for Angelenos who flew the coop.

Class of:

Current location and vocation:
Valencia, Spain. Interim Director, Master’s degree Program in Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games at Berklee College of Music.

 What L.A. taught me is:
Patience while driving, where to get the best deli food, and how to be uber competitive. A love of freeways, a hate of freeways (did I mention driving?), and how to love the radio. Really, everything. I am a California girl.

What I miss most about L.A. is:
My beach (“Toes Beach” in Playa del Rey,) snowcapped mountains, and Peet’s coffee. Deli food, driving, my nail ladies, the grocery stores, and Remo’s drum circle for kids on Saturdays. If I were to be brutally honest: Fred Segal, my family, and friends—really, a lot!

I’d return to L.A. if:
I had a plane ticket.

What L.A. should or could learn from Valencia, Spain:
How to:

  • Have a preschool, which is great and doesn’t cost a fortune.
  • Have a civilized lunch.
  • Be excellent, excellent neighbors.
  • Welcome foreigners.
  • Gracefully and elegantly age.
  • Treat children.
  • Set off fireworks (Valencia is the fireworks capital of the world).
  • Be generous. I mean really generous—and in the midst of a terrible economic crisis.