How L.A. Works: Your Job


L.A. is a busy, busy town, with the highest concentration in the U.S. of employment in the arts and entertainment, sports, and media fields. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the median hourly wage is $25.30—13 percent above the national average. Many residents earn far more, but far too many earn less. Based on our research, we present an array of typical jobs and what they pay:

Software Developer: $94,000

Delivery Person: $33,800

Yoga Teacher: $30,000

Fruit Vendor: $20,000

Personal Trainer: $49,000

Rideshare Driver: $40,000

Police Officer: $86,000

Music Producer: $30,000,000

Musician: $8,400

Screenwriter: $115,000

Hollywood Director: $15,000,000

Nanny: $26,000

Courier: $27,000

Parking Attendant: $21,000

Window Washer: $20,000

Graphic Designer: $57,000

Journalist: $47,000

Food Truck Owner: $45,000

Food Blogger: $16,000

Photographer: $62,000

A-List Actress: $34,000,000

Fortune 500 CEO: $1,500,000

Security Guard: $27,000

Street Character: $31,000

Publicist: $73,000

Dog Walker: $52,000

Construction Worker: $54,000


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This feature was originally published in the October 2014 issue of Los Angeles magazine