How L.A. Works: Your Fitness Routine

Hitting the gym is a near-daily ritual (because here we stack weights, not pancakes). You crunch those abs; we crunched the numbers

3: Types of towels available at Equinox facilities: full body, face, and chilled eucalyptus-scented washcloths.

$165.68: Combined price (plus tax) for one pair of cropped yoga pants and one tank top from Lululemon Athletica.

1914: Year Jack LaLanne, the godfather of fitness gurus, was born. The California native died in 2011 at age 96.

240-360: Range of calories burned during one 20-minute Tabata workout, a form of high-intensity interval training. Trend alert!

$500,000: Approximate cost of outfitting a gym with all of the necessary equipment. A single treadmill can cost $6,000—or more than $11,000—depending on the model. A large gym might include 100-plus machines.

$135: Price that high-end gyms can charge for one personal training session. But trainers aren’t rolling in dough: Their cut is often less than half that.

 $4,900: Annual cost of an executive membership at Equinox’s West Hollywood branch (includes a $1,000 initiation fee). Perks are parking services, laundry as well as complimentary fruit, water, and tea.

 4,090:Yelp listings (as of August 15) for L.A. gyms. The top-rated facility (with five stars) is Crossfit Ganbatte in Glassell Park.

1880: Year that L.A.’s first private gym, the Los Angeles Athletic Club, was established. Members (read: men) paid a $5 initiation fee plus one buck a month to use the trapeze, flying rings, a long horse, and dumbbells.

60-70: Minutes required to burn around 500 calories on an elliptical training machine. That’s about how long it takes to burn off the same amount of calories in the smoothie you’re about to drink.

180: Ideal number of beats per minute (BPM) in a song for a runner to maintain optimal stride. (Try “Hey Ya!” by Outkast.)

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This feature originally appeared in the October 2014 issue of Los Angeles magazine