L.A. Plays the Midwest (and New York) in Gone Girl

You’ll spot several Los Angeles locations in director David Fincher’s film adaptation of the twisted tale

The highly-anticipated Gone Girl, based on the best-selling 2012 Gillian Flynn novel of the same name about a missing woman and her cryptic husband, hits theaters this Friday. While the David Fincher-directed thriller is set in New York and the fictional town of North Carthage, Missouri, several unmistakable L.A. icons make an appearance.

Hawthorne Plaza
During the search for Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike), husband Nick (Ben Affleck) and his friends comb through the abandoned former mall. Exteriors of the shopping center were shot at a defunct Montgomery Ward store in Panorama City.

Beso Hollywood
The tepid launch for Amy’s parents’ latest book is feted at the Eva Longoria-owned hot spot. The eatery is also the site of a flashback scene in which Amy and Nick celebrate happier times.

Universal Studios
The exterior of the Dunne’s Big Apple brownstone can be found on the property’s famous backlot. Interiors were shot at a residence in South Pasadena. (An iron fire escape was added to the window of the South Pas home to give it a metropolitan feel.)

Frank’s Coffee Shop and Restaurant
Nick speaks to detectives at the historic Burbank café, which first opened its doors in 1957.

Gas Company Tower
Nick meets with his lawyer in the three-story lobby of the landmark Bunker Hill building, which serves as the Southern California Gas Company headquarters in real life.

Fremont Place
Amy’s ex-boyfriend, played by Neil Patrick Harris, lives in a chateau-style mansion (the same property George Valentin calls home in The Artist) in the historic gated community near Hancock Park.

Intercontinental Hotel
The upscale Century City hotel is where Nick sits down for a television interview with hard-hitting journalist Sharon Scheiber (Sela Ward).

The Last Bookstore
In a flashback, Nick and Amy share a kiss amongst the tall stacks at California’s largest independent bookshop (it’s 16,000 square feet!) located in downtown L.A.’s Spring Arts Tower.

Ontario International Airport
The glass and white beamed structure depicts both a New York and St. Louis airport in the film, while a portion of the Los Angeles Convention Center doubles as an airport bar.

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