L.A. Fixes for Friday the 13 Drama

Weirdness is in the forecast

Yes tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, but today is a holiday of sorts, too. It’s Friday the 13th. Eek! Making sure not to walk under ladders and clutching a rabbit’s foot might do you good, but it probably won’t keep you from experiencing these likely 2/13/15 bummers. Don’t fret, there’s always a silver lining because, afterall, we live in L.A.!

BUMMER 1: You wore a cashmere sweater today because it’s the dead of winterand it’s around 80 degrees out.
SILVER LINING: You’re not near Massachusetts, which is anticipating 15 more inches of snow.

BUMMER 2: You got caught in awful traffic on the way to work/home/breakfast/your workout.
SILVER LINING: KCRW and KPCC make for nice company.

BUMMER 3: You have to stay at work late and hate to miss your Friday night culture fix.
SILVER LINING: The Hollyhock House reopening is happening for 24 hours. Everybody wins.

BUMMER 4: Your East Hollywood block is covered in palm fronds.
SILVER LINING: Your Councilmember—Mitch O’Farrell, of the 13th (EEK!) District—has your back.

BUMMER 5: The last leg of your commute includes catching a bus from Hollywood and Highland, and Oscar prep has the route screwed up.
SILVER LINING: You could be driving. See Bummer 2 above.

BUMMER 6: You’re in charge of finding a spot for dinner that’s equidistant for friends coming from Highland Park, Culver City, Westwood, West Adams, and Burbank.
SILVER LINING: It’s Friday the 13th! You have to go to Black Cat. Where else?