L.A. Has Been Named the Eighth Most Youth-Friendly City in the World


The results of the second annual YouthfulCities Index are in, and no amount of age-reversing plastic surgery could have helped us out on this one: of 55 global cities analyzed through the lens of 20 different “Urban Attributes,” Los Angeles landed at number 8 behind Chicago, Toronto, Paris, San Francisco, Berlin, London, and this year’s winner, New York. Considering we are a city known for drawing young go-getters, dreamers, creatives, and impresarios, landing a spot in the top ten is good—but our position could be better.
The YouthfulCities Index gauges which urban areas the world over are most attractive to people between the ages of 15 and 29. Data is mined via survey; more than 10,000 youth are asked to detail what is important to them about their respective metropolis. Those surveys were then used to determine the aforementioned Urban Attributes, which include safety, affordability, fashion, food and nightlife, public space, digital access, and more. L.A. killed it in entrepreneurship (in fact, we ranked second globally), music, food and nightlife, and arts. Our overall score was pulled down by weak showings in transit, environment, and an exceptionally poor rating (48th out of 55) on civic engagement. New York’s highest-scoring categories were music, film (blasphemy!) and fashion.

New goal for the 2016 YouthfulCities index: less focus on reclaiming youth, more on focus on the real thing.