L.A. Dessert Makers Declare Sweet Victory After 113 Days On Strike

Their demand? More bacon

When you think of bakers, sweets and cupcake makers, you don’t think of fierce labor strikers standing up for their rights.

But these dessert-makers were mad as hell and weren’t going to take it anymore. And yesterday, they ended a long strike that started 113 days ago – with 140 workers going out on strike in the pre-dawn hours of November 3rd, according to LAist.

The sweets makers – specifically, the makers of ice cream cakes, desserts, and pastry products – work for Jon Donaire Desserts (owned by Rich Products), based in Santa Fe Springs. The workers belong to Bakery, Confection, and Tobacco Grain Milling Local 37 and are mainly immigrant Latina women.

When they first went on strike, workers said they said they were only making $16. In comparison, $15 is L.A.’s minimum wage.

The issue on the bargaining table? A dollar.

“We worked all the way through the pandemic because we like our jobs and we ar here to do a good job,” said shop steward Julissa Marquez, early in the strike, according to a union press release. “We make ice cream cakes that are sold worldwide. We want a one dollar raise. That is all we’re asking for. Just a fair wage and a constact.”

And they got what they were asking for, with the ratification of a new and improved contract. Further details are not yet available.

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