L.A County Will Raise Minimum Wage in Unincorporated Areas on July 1

The increase to $15.96 an hour is 6.4 percent higher than the current minimum wage for unincorporated workers in the county

The Department of Business and Consumer Affairs announced Tuesday that the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County will see the minimum wage rise to $15.96 an hour as of July 1.

The rate is a 6.4% increase from the current minimum wage in unincorporated LA County at $15 an hour.

“A healthy local economy means support for both labor and industry,” Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs Rafael Carbajal, said in a statement. “This wage adjustment is in line with the spirit of the ordinance to ensure that wages keep pace with inflation and support a stable workforce. We will ensure that workers in unincorporated L.A. County are protected and aware of the updated minimum wage, and we will work with our sister departments to support employers that may need assistance with information, compliance, and access to resources.”

The action comes after Mayer Eric Garcetti’s announcement last month that the city’s minimum wage would increase from $15 to $16.04 an hour on July 1.

Garcetti previously said that the city “fought to raise the minimum wage because hard work should always be met with the dignity, respect, and opportunity that fair pay brings” and that decision came as an effort to “end poverty wages in L.A.”

According to his office, the increase will benefit the more than 600,000 Angelenos that make minimum wage.

In November, West Hollywood approved a motion to raise their minimum wage on July 1—and Jan. 1 for hotel workers—to the highest in the nation at $17.64 an hour.

The previous minimum in WeHo was $13 to $14 an hour, a statistic that was determined by the number of workers a business employed.

The city council made their decision in the same fashion as Garcetti, as they said they took the action in an effort to “keep workers and their families out of poverty” and to “enable workers to meet basic needs and avoid economic hardship.”

The area that previously held the record for the highest minimum wage in the county was Emeryville, CA, which raised its rate to $17.13 in July.

The current federal minimum wage sits at $7.25, a rate that has remained since its implementation in 2009.

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