L.A. County Now Has Highest Pricey Neighborhood Concentration in U.S.

Beverly Hills Gateway tops the new survey of 2022 home prices as the county comes in with 21 of the country’s 100 priciest zip codes

L.A. County’s most expensive neighborhoods command some of the nation’s highest housing prices, with median prices—the midpoint between high and low—cresting at $13.25 million, according to a new survey of 2022 home prices by the PropertyShark real estate blog.

Beverly Hills Gateway—the streets north of Sunset Boulevard comprising the lower reaches of Coldwater and Benedict canyons—was by far the priciest neighborhood on the survey, with a median house price of $13.25 million. Two other Beverly Hills neighborhoods, Trousdale ($12,200,00) and Beverly Hills Flats, south of Sunset (9,474,000), took second and third place.

Two storied areas of Malibu—Broad Beach ($8,073,000) and Point Dume, home to Barbra Streisand, Chris Martin, and Dakota Jackson ($7,000,000)—occupied the next two spots.

North of Montana in Santa Monica ($4,378,000) and Bel Air ($4,173,000) were ranked Nos. 7 and 8, with Bel Air—home to Jay-Z and Beyonce along with innumerable fellow bold-facers—now has the distinction of being the most expensive neighborhood in Los Angeles proper.

Rounding out the list was Malibu (again) with Big Rock Mesa ($4,000,000) and Pacific Palisades, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s hood ($3,905,000).

Despite these sky-high prices, home sales across L.A. County plunged in 2022, dropping 23 percent in Pasadena and 37 percent in Manhattan Beach alone, according to PropertyShark, even as prices continued to climb throughout the year.

The upshot: L.A. County now contains the highest concentration of expensive neighborhoods in the U.S., with 21 of the country’s 100 priciest zip codes.

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