L.A. City Council Returns to Raucous Chamber in Raging Racism Scandal

City Council members returned to the chamber along with dozens of protestors demanding Councilmen Kevin de Le贸n and Gil Cedilla resign

Protestors filled Los Angeles City Hall Tuesday with chants of 鈥淣o resignations, no meeting!鈥 after the council tried to return to business as usual two weeks after an audio recording of a redistricting meeting punctuated by racist remarks from former Councilwoman and President Nury Martinez and other members was leaked to the public. Councilmen Kevin de Le贸n and Gil Cedillo, however, are still hoping to evade the consequences of the damning audio, defying calls to resign from their fellow council members, President Joe Biden, and, more importantly, their constituents.

City Council members, who were heading back to work have been met with throngs of protestors chanting and slapping benches, insisting that City Council meeting be placed on hold until de Le贸n and Cedillo remove themselves from public service in Los Angeles.

In the recording, de Le贸n, Cedillo, and former City Council President Nury Martinez openly discuss appointing Heather Hutt as a fill-in council member for 10th District Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas, who was suspended as he faces federal corruption charges because they believed Hutt would support them. Hutt was then appointed to the seat in September.

Though many council members have denounced Cedillo and de Le贸n, newly installed City Council President Paul Krekorian made sure the message was not a subtle one, warning the shameless pols, 鈥淭here is no path forward that includes your continued participation in this council.鈥 And protesters have grown only more vocal as in-person meetings revved up again Tuesday.

As protesters raised a ruckus in hopes of shutting all meetings down until the unabashed members take a clue and go, Krekorian and his colleagues have been using noise-cancelling headphones to drown out the sound of the protesting masses and continue with meetings as scheduled鈥攚hich, perhaps, will also lead voters to reconsider how much they really want the rest of that lot to remain in their perpetual power.

The council was set to discuss a special election to fill the seat of disgraced Martinez, who resigned shortly after it was made public that she told colleagues in her corner of the L.A. political machine that Councilman Mike Bonin鈥檚 young Black son was like 鈥渁 monkey鈥 and other pretty repellant stuff.. The council was also expected to consider the budget for the special election and a runoff鈥攊f necessary鈥攚hich they have estimated will require the allocation of $7.6 million for both elections.

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