Kevin Spacey Sex Assault Accuser Dies Before Trial

The actor’s lawyers informed the court today that plaintiff ”John Doe” has passed away

An unnamed man who was suing Kevin Spacey for sexual assault based on an alleged 2016 incident at the actor’s Malibu home has died, Spacey’s lawyers said in a court filing today.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, no further details about the circumstances of the plaintiff’s death have been revealed, with his attorneys saying only that their client had “recently passed.”

The deceased, referred to in the case as “John Doe” to protect his identity, was a massage therapist who claimed that he had been forced to grab Spacey’s genitals twice during a session at the actor’s estate. Spacey’s lawyers had argued in February that Doe’s identity should be revealed, but the judge ruled against them.

In a report filed in August, Doe’s lawyers told the court there were two other masseurs who claimed Spacey had also assaulted them, and who also wished to remain anonymous, citing “concern for their safety and/or do not want their names revealed publicly in the media.”

Doe’s estate could still move forward with the suit, but that seems unlikely as Doe was the central witness in the case. Also, with the plaintiff deceased, the judge could allow his identity to be revealed if the lawsuit went forward, since the court might not be inclined to protect the privacy of a dead man.

In July, Massachusetts prosecutors had to dismiss felony charges against Spacey when a busboy who accused the actor of groping him at a Nantucket resort in 2016 plead the Fifth. After the accuser refused to answer questions about deleting exculpatory evidence from a cell phone, prosecutors cited the witness’s “unavailability” and dropped the case.

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