Kamala Harris Is Out of the Presidential Race

She informed staff in a conference call on Tuesday morning

Kamala Harris is bowing out of the 2020 race for president. While it launched with considerable momentum, the California senator’s bid for the Democratic nomination had appeared to lose steam in recent months.

This morning, Politico reports, Harris informed her campaign staff that she was calling it quits. She will be making in-person visits to her Baltimore, Iowa, New Hampshire, and other campaign offices to say goodbye to staff over the coming days. She publicly confirmed the news on Twitter and in a blog post.

Harris’s campaign had struggled to bring in the cash necessary to compete on the national stage, as other Democratic candidates vied for the attention of early donors. An outside advocacy group supporting Harris had just purchased television airtime in Iowa to run ads on her behalf, Huffington Post reports, but it seems that wasn’t enough to keep her in the race.

In her post on Medium.com, she acknowledged that weak fundraising was a major factor in her decision to suspend. “I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign,” she wrote, perhaps alluding to billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s recent entry into the race. “And as the campaign has gone on, it’s become harder and harder to raise the money we need to compete.”

While she is ending her presidential bid, she won’t be leaving public life. She’ll return to her role as a senator and will continue to articulate the values she expressed on the campaign trail.

“I want to be clear,” she writes. “Although I am no longer running for President, I will do everything in my power to defeat Donald Trump and fight for the future of our country and the best of who we are.”

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