Fresh Off Her Debate Dominance, It Looks Like Kamala Is Making a Comeback

Her campaign appeared at risk of going off track–but now it seems she’s roaring back

Senator Kamala Harris went into last night’s Democratic Primary debate struggling with declining poll numbers, but after her performance in Miami, it looks like she’s heading back to the front of the pack. Calm, self-assured, and—above all—prepared, Harris got off some of the night’s best lines, and took the wind out of poll-leader Joe Biden’s sails without getting dirty

Now, among likely primary voters and pundits alike, it seems like everyone is ready to hop on the Harris train.

“Who can I see in my mind’s eye standing next to Donald Trump and fighting Donald Trump?” Willie Geist mused on Morning Joe. “Before last night, it was Joe Biden. Last night, I think it became Kamala Harris for a lot of people.”

Writer Rebecca Traister tweeted, “Harris directly confronting Biden on busing/segregationists was historic, powerful, and unimaginable on a presidential stage until very recently, which is itself symptomatic of a world Biden is struggling to defend.”

Beyond her moral authority on issues of social justice, she also appeared to be the only candidate who arrived at the show with a clear plan to win. And the polling data seems to imply that the plan is working. In a live survey commissioned by the American Federation of Teachers and the Voter Participation Center, 36 percent of likely primary voters said Harris won the debate, the Intelligencer reports.

Hollywood must have sensed the change in the zeitgeist. Before the debate was even half over, an email spread across L.A. announcing a July 21 fundraiser for the Senator. Harris, who’s made several money-raising trips to Los Angeles already this cycle, will see supporters in the home of former U.S. Ambassador to Germany John B. Emerson and his wife, Kimberly Marteau Emerson. As Deadline reports, Hollywood heavyweights like Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson will be among those donating $1,000 or more to attend.


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