June Gloom Haikus to Get You Through the Darkness


We heralded the return of June Gloom last year with a few weather-inspired haikus. Now here we are again: another June, another gloom. See? L.A. does have seasons. This particular period of the year can be a little sad and even wet, as Wednesday’s spittle proved. Here are 10 more haikus to get you through it.

“The weather’s normal.”
“No—it’s dark. Like, super dark.”
“This is June Gloom, man.”

Wow, this morning’s bright.
Overcast and sunny: how?
Sunglasses in shade.

It’s hot and it’s cold.
LA, a climate of chance.
A sweater is near.

It’s super cloudy out.
The Westside is always worse.
Wait: is it raining?

9 a.m., darkness.
1 p.m., darkness, even still.
5 p.m., darkness.

Stuck indoors all day.
What’s this odd weather feeling?
Oh: humidity.

“I did not move here
for this. Why so many clouds?
I don’t want San Fran.”

Is it always this?
Silver-skied dream, please free me.
It’s just a month—ish.

I wonder, I do:
Does the day darkness help any?
With the drought, that is.

“Is it over yet?”
“What? June Gloom? Just starting now.”
“No: global warming.”

Want more? Consider writing your own. I find it to be a unique and wonderful form of free local therapy.