Jeffrey Epstein Exam ‘Points to Homicide,’ Says Pathologist Hired by Epstein’s Brother

The New York Medical Examiner’s office is standing by its determination that Epstein died via suicide

Famed pathologist and Fox contributor Michael Baden gave conspiracy theorists a boost this morning when he appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss evidence he says suggests that child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide in his jail cell in August, but was killed.

Baden—the former medical examiner for New York City as well as the host of HBO’s Autopsy—was hired by Epstein’s brother to observe his autopsy after he was found hanging in his cell at New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Facility on August 10, where he had been awaiting trial for a new round of sex trafficking charges after his 2008 conviction.

“At the autopsy on day one there were findings that were unusual for suicidal hanging and more consistent with ligature homicidal strangulation,” Baden said. “I think that the evidence points to homicide rather than suicide.”

Although New York’s current chief medical examiner, Barbara Sampson, ruled Epstein’s death a suicide, Baden contends that broken bones in Epstein’s larynx point to murder, saying, “I’ve not seen in 50 years where that occurred in a suicidal hanging.”

Baden also says that the doctor performing the autopsy initially listed the cause of death as suicide “pending further study.”

“The family wants to know why was it changed from ‘pending further study’,” he says.

Dr. Sampson dismissed Baden’s theory in a statement today.

“Our investigation concluded that the cause of Mr. Epstein’s death was hanging and the manner of death was suicide. We stand by that determination,” she writes.

“We continue to share information around the medical investigation with Mr. Epstein’s family, their representatives, and their pathology consultant. The original medical investigation was thorough and complete. There is no reason for a second medical investigation by our office.”

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