Jay Racing


Bette Davis said, “Take Fountain.” Jay Leno says, Take Mulholland Drive, Laurel Canyon, Sunset Boulevard, and Coldwater Canyon. Those roads create the loop he describes as “the soul of Los Angeles” in The Fast and the Famous: In Search of Hollywood’s Hidden Street Circuit, a short video recently posted at jaylenosgarage.com and made for Wired’s Autopia blog.

The video, which co-stars a gorgeous cherry red Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Gullwing, captures Leno and the street from multiple interior and exterior angles on an early morning drive along the 13-mile circuit he compares to Nurburgring, which, considering the traffic that clogs these roads every morning and afternoon, feels outrageous—at first. The drive feels familiar—there’s that Hollywood Hills view, there’s that flash of sun around the bend, the big, dark trees announcing Beverly Hills, and Leno himself, chit-chatting about his celebrity neighbors and the history of the streets—but clever filming, wide-open stretches and green lights make the trip prettier and more exciting than any I’ve taken in some time. Inspiring stuff. If only it were replicable.