Republican Hoaxster Jacob Wohl Accused of Helping Orchestrate a Fake FBI Raid This Morning

The FBI says it didn’t stage a raid at GOP conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman’s home this morning, contrary to Burkman’s claims

Early Monday morning, men in dark blue FBI windbreakers were seen entering the Northern Virginia home of conservative lobbyist conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman. Alongside his young associate Jacob Wohl, Burkman’s become notorious for launching a host of fictitious smear campaigns against Trump opponents, from Robert Mueller to Elizabeth Warren. To the surprise of precisely no one, it appears that the FBI raid may have been a ruse too.

According to a statement provided to the Washington Post by the FBI’s Washington Field Office, the FBI “was not present at the specified location for law enforcement activity.” Furthermore, the Daily Beast reports that it was contacted by an individual who claims he was hired through Craigslist to play an FBI agent in what he was told was a television pilot. The actor says he exchanged emails about the project with a Jacob Klein, whom he says he now believes was actually Wohl.

Images and video of the raid—which Burkman claimed was an intimidation tactic to keep him from dishing up dirt about Defense Secretary Jim Mattis—were tweeted by an account belonging to a Bev Donahue. Based on the first two letters of the email associated with the account and the last two numbers of the phone number associated with it, the Daily Beast thinks Wohl is behind that too.

Based in Irvine and raised in Riverside, Wohl is currently facing a felony charge for the unlicensed sale of a security. In that incident, he’s accused of losing a disabled Arizona man’s $75,000 “investment.” The man subsequently killed himself.

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