Gavin Newsom Throws His Support Behind DA Jackie Lacey’s Challenger George Gasc贸n

The governor and San Francisco鈥檚 former police chief have history

Former San Francisco District Attorney George Gasc贸n, who鈥檚 running against incumbent Jackie Lacey to become Los Angeles District Attorney, can add another big name to his list of supporters.

On Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom officially endorsed Gasc贸n, citing his 鈥渢rack record of getting results,鈥 and saying, 鈥淭his November Angelenos will choose who to turn to as calls to reimagine our dated system of justice grow louder, and I urge them to join me once again in turning to George Gasc贸n.鈥

It鈥檚 a blow to Lacey, who鈥檚 seen big names in local politics, including Rep. Adam Schiff, withdraw their support in recent months. Lacey has long been criticized by activists for being too reluctant to pursue charges against cops, and that sentiment has reached the mainstream in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. The Black Lives Matter movement has made Lacey the focus of both weekly protests downtown and occasional protests outside her San Fernando Valley home. During one such demonstration, Lacey鈥檚 husband David answered the door holding a handgun and threatened to shoot three protesters if they didn鈥檛 disperse. He鈥檚 currently facing three assault charges in the incident.

Of the Newsom endorsement, Lacey told LAist in a statement, 鈥淚 respect Governor Newsom, and I understand why he chose to endorse his former San Francisco police chief, due to their history together in San Francisco. I鈥檓 focused on winning this race and doing the job I was elected to do鈥攔eforming our criminal justice system and keeping L.A. County safe.鈥

In 2011, Gasc贸n became San Francisco鈥檚 first Latino DA when he was appointed by Newsom to replace Kamala Harris, who鈥檇 been elected to become California鈥檚 Attorney General. Gasc贸n had served 18 months as police chief in San Francisco, following a decades-long career in the LAPD.

Even prior to Newsom鈥檚 nod, Gasc贸n had generated an impressive list of endorsements that includes Senators Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren, Rep. Maxine Waters, former Los Angeles DA Gil Garcetti, and civil rights leader Dolores Huerta. Lacey鈥檚 biggest endorsement at the moment is Senator Dianne Feinstein; Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is also listed among Lacey鈥檚 endorsements, although he appeared to walk back his support during a June interview.

Also sticking by Lacey: police unions. The Los Angeles Police Protective League and the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs are both listed among her endorsements.

The runoff between Lacey and Gasc贸n takes place on November 3.

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