DA Jackie Lacey’s Husband Pulled a Gun on Black Lives Matter Protesters

Activists were staging a small protest outside the couple’s home ahead of tomorrow’s hotly contested primary

Around 30 protestors gathered early Monday morning outside the home of Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey and her husband, David. When three of the protest organizers approached the home and rang the doorbell, video from the scene appears to show David Lacey opening the door with a gun in hand, pointing it at the activists, and shouting, “I will shoot you. Get off my porch.”

The group included Black Lives Matter activists who were frustrated that Lacey had failed to make good on a promise to have a meeting with them, the Los Angeles Times reports. They had hoped to discuss a variety of concerns, including the DA’s handling of the Ed Buck case, but no invitation to meet ever materialized.

“So we decided to have a meeting in front of her house,” Melina Abdullah, a Cal State L.A. professor and BLM organizer, told the Times. 

Lacey staged a press conference shortly after news of the incident broke. While she said her husband is “profoundly sorry” for the incident, she also asserted that she felt her home was not an appropriate place for a protest.

“I do not believe it is fair or right for protestors to show up at the homes of people who dedicate their lives to public service,” Lacey stated. “It was just him and I in that house and we really didn’t know what was about to happen.”

According to reports, most of the group stayed on the sidewalk, arranging chairs and praying. Abdullah and two others were the only ones to approach the house. Several of the same activists are also involved in a weekly protest staged outside the DAs office.

The incident takes place just a day before a crucial primary for Lacey. She faces two challengers from the left, George Gascón and Rachel Rossi. According to a statement issued by the DA’s office, the situation will be investigated by the LAPD and, if necessary, and independent prosecutor’s office will be brought in to review.

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