Introducing The City Think Tweets of the Day


From today on, we’ll share with you the latest 140-character statements to made us think, laugh, click, or cry. Well, hopefully we won’t actually cry. Here’s an extra windy edition for starters: 

@tylerlyle It’s my birthday, & I’m out of jail (for civil disobedience aka blocking a sidewalk). Glad to be alive. Glad to be in your twitter feed. <3

@foofighters Wasting Light is the 1st album ever nominated 4 Album of the Year to be mastered by a woman. Ask Emily Lazar. RAD. Long Live Rock and Roll! 

@KateAurthur If I were the gardener, I wouldn’t show up today either. 

@MaryMeltonLA To the hundreds of fallen oaks, palms, pines, sumacs, and eucs passed on my commute, thank u for your years of service. U will be missed. [Ed note: Yes, @MaryMeltonLA is our editor-in-chief. Couldn’t resist.]