Introducing FAQ: The Friday Afternoon Question


I cover parties for the magazine, so my phone rings here—a lot. Sometimes I get “Hello-how-are-you?” Other times it is “Hi-I-know-this-is-probably-a-strange-question-but…” On occasion, there is no greeting at all, just a caller who launches into a demand for info. My answer to that is usually, “The fastest land animal is the cheetah,” or “The human head weighs eight pounds.” (C’mon, you’ve seen Airplane! or Jerry Maguire, no?) This has happened every Friday for years. I’ve dubbed this inevitable phone call the Friday Afternoon Question, or FAQ. These queries run the gamut from recommendations on good restaurants near such-and-such screening room to nose job/boob-lift doctor suggestions (no, I don’t answer those) to Do-you-remembers? about past Los Angeles magazine articles (I’ve been here for 15 years). Each Friday, I’ll share an FAQ with you.
Today’s FAQ: “Where can we—there are 6 to 8 of us—take a friend for his 21st birthday on the cheap?”

My answer:
Take the newly legal to The Edison (above) on Thursday night, where from 5 to 7 p.m. the martinis are rolled back to 1910 prices (35 cents). Sometimes a fella will buy one for everyone in the joint (he’ll only be out around $20). It’s a truly beautiful bar, you feel like a swell even if you don’t have a lot of dough. I’m not much for lines, so make a reservation for dinner (before 7 p.m. as there’s a $25 min per person after that time) and you won’t have to wait. Even if you just get something little, you can sail on in. Cheaper still, park on 2nd (read the signs) rather than valet. Note dress code.