Insert Smiley Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes: The World is Getting 250 New Emoji


Good news! Unicode, the character-encoding standard behind Emoji, is making it even easier to avoid talking to your friends in real life. In a month, 250 new images will be headed to a phone near you. And while some seem more than a little pointless—who needs three separate floppy disk Emoji?—there are five on the list that will surely prove useful for Angelenos who’ve made a hobby of stringing together complete sentences sans words:

1. Shopping Bags
For Cher Horowitz-esque moments of weakness. Like, duh.

2. Om Symbol
Throw one out for all of the yogis.

3. Cloud With Rain/Cloud With Snow/Cloud With Lightning/Cloud With Tornado/Fog/Wind Blowing Face
An arsenal perfect for ridiculing friends who don’t live here.

4. Page with Circled Text
A parent-friendly option for unemployed creatives to signify job hunting.

5. Reversed Hand with Middle Finger Extended

Happy texting, and let us know if you ever find a use for “Man In Business Suit Levitating” or “Notched Right Semicircle With Three Dots.”