These Are the 13 Languages on California’s New “I Voted” Sticker

They represent the diversity that makes living here awesome

If you’ve made it out to vote in California’s primary election you may have noticed something new. The customary I Voted sticker being handed out has a new design–and it reflects one of our favorite things about living here. To celebrate the beauty and power of our diverse population, the stickers now feature the declaration of civic action in 13 different languages.

But, unless you happen to be a major polyglot, you may not be able to pick out what each of the languages are. So, to give you a one-up when it comes to tonight’s happy hour chatter, we’re listing it out for you.

Starting at the top, the languages are as follows:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Chinese
  4. Korean
  5. Tagalog
  6. Russian
  7. Armenian
  8. Persian
  9. Hindi
  10. Japanese
  11. Khmer
  12. Thai
  13. Vietnamese

Now, go wear your I Voted sticker with pride!

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