How to Get Into an L.A. Frame of Mind Anywhere in the World

Summer vacations shouldn’t entail leaving all of your local loves behind

Summer is for going to the beach, staying hydrated, and getting out of Los Angeles. Vacations can be fun, but they can also be a homesickening drag. It doesn’t take long to miss the creature comforts of our city, and being a local— here and everywhere—beats the experience of having to figure out how to best enjoy a foreign place.

To retain some hometown glory on the go, I make sure to bring or find a little bit of Los Angeles wherever I am. Here are six L.A. essentials you can enjoy on a trip, too

When you travel to a place with crisper weather, a pair of cutoffs can be transportive. In shorts, you’ll find yourself thinking, “I could wear these in Los Angeles just fine.” If the weather is warm, you’ll feel like you and your favorite mini-pants are at home. If shorts aren’t your thing, bring a pair of sandals instead.

Locally-sourced toiletries
If you’re like me, you don’t depend on hotel freebies. Travel-sized goodies with local vibes take me back (in spirit, at least) to where I purchased them. I lean toward La Cienega based lifestyle brand Baxter Finley, but Maison Louis Marie fragrances, Ilia cosmetics, Port Products products, Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics are great options, too.

Is it just me, or are shades not that trendy in other places? Don your SALT. Optics and you’ll feel like it’s 76 and sunny wherever you are.

Hiking shoes
Travellers walk a lot, so it’s important to pack a pair of comfortable shoes. My go-to set? The shoes I hike in. They’re old reliables that remind me of scaling Runyon and local mounts.

To be clear: I don’t suggest you throw Kogi into your bag. But you should definitely get some tacos away from home, if for no other reason than to experience how L.A.’s Mexican food staple is interpreted outside the city limits. I once ordered a “taco” in Paris that employed wonton wrappers instead of tortillas. They were kind of gross—and sparked a long, delicious conversation about L.A.’s best-loved snack.

Thanks to a handy app and Web site streaming service, the local news radio station can join you anywhere. KPCC focuses on hyper-locale stories, so you’ll stay current on the goings on in town. An added bonus? It can really help pass the time on long car drives—or while stranded in an airport.