How To Spend a Weekend at the Phil Spector Murder House

The 1924 estate in Alhambra where Lana Clarkson was murdered rents as a filming location, event space, and vacation rental on Airbnb

It’s got a gourmet kitchen, a fitness center, and a grand ballroom. But the thing that sets this hilltop manse in Alhambra apart from its neighbors is that it happens to be the house where the late record producer Phil Spector murdered actress Lana Clarkson in 2003.

And now, for just $8,400, you can spend a weekend in one of its nine bedrooms.

“When the murder happened, it had old red carpeting,” says Cordelia Culver, a former set decorator who has renovated the 1924 estate and rents it out as a filming location, event space, and vacation rental on Airbnb. “But Spector’s wife said she couldn’t get the [blood] stains out, so she ripped it out.”

Culver insists that not everyone who rents the place is aware of its tragic past.

“The murder was 20 years ago,” she says. “Most of the younger generation has no idea who Spector was.” Nor has she advertised the house’s history; on the contrary, one of the first things she did was paint over the sign in front welcoming visitors to “Phil Spector’s Pyrenees Castle.” (She’s renamed it “Wrensmoor.”) Instead, she says, she’s “tried to be respectful, especially in the foyer where the murder took place.” Still, she admits, there are some “lookie-loos.”

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