This Crested Duck In Echo Park Lake Can Be Our Very Own “Hot Duck”

Look out Central Park—Echo Park has an attractive bird resident

Los Angeles is quacking back at New York. In recent months, NYC—and the world—has been captivated by a “hot duck” in Central Park with startlingly beautifyl plumage. But now, Angelenos have a special feathered friend of their own. A Crested duck that was spotted strutting around Echo Park Lake has surfaced on Instagram and local blog the Eastsider. The all-white duck has a striking powder-puff of hair atop its head, a funky hairstyle fitting for the neighborhood. OK, fine, he’s not as dramatic looking as New York’s hot duck, but he’s cool in his own way.

According to Metzer Farmsa duck, goose, chicken, and game bird hatchery in Gonzales, California, the Crested is a classic breed that can be seen in Dutch paintings dating back to the 1600s.

Those who’ve spotted Echo Park’s Crested say it’s something of a mythical experience. Melly Lym, a 25-year-old artist living near Dodger Stadium, first learned about Crested ducks in December after randomly googling images with a boyfriend. “I started obsessing over Crested ducks,” she says. In mid-January, she got a tattoo of a Crested duck and the following week, she saw one in Echo Park for the first time ever.

“Seeing the duck felt magical,” she says. “January has not been a good month for me and I saw the duck on the last day of January.”

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