Hook, Twine, and Tink-er: Yarn Crawl L.A. Needles Its Way Into Town

Because why crawl to bars when you can crawl to Local Yarn Shops?

Starting Thursday, April 11 and going through Sunday, April 14, you can abandon the traditional weekend pub crawl for something a little more interesting: The 2nd annual L.A. County Yarn Crawl.

The event, which spans nearly 2000 square miles of SoCal soil, enlists the help of over 30 LYSs—pro-speak for Local Yarn Shops—to create a crawl route reaching everywhere from Claremont to Santa Monica and Long Beach to Santa Clarita. Participants will go from shop to shop for special events (think pom pom demonstrations and dog shearing) and will have the opportunity to collect prizes from several of the boutiques. If you’re interested in participating, here’s how it works:

-Sign up on the Yarn Crawl L.A. website.

-Receive a complimentary “passport,” which will be stamped by each retailer you visit.

-Refer to Yarn Crawl L.A.’s color coded Google Map to help you plan your journey.

-Embark on a 96-hour knitting bender.

For more information on each store’s special hours and goings on, check the Hours And Events At A Glance tab on the Yarn Crawl site.