A Count of L.A.’s Homeless Population Gets Underway Tonight

Data about homeless individuals helps local government decide how to tackle a variety of issues

Los Angeles County’s annual count of the homeless population starts tonight, as thousands of volunteers grab their clipboards and head out to log just how many individuals are currently unhoused. The data collected by the yearly count is used by local governments to determine certain funding and programs–and it gives leaders and the public a snapshot of the status of homelessness.

The survey will begin in the San Gabriel Valley and San Fernando Valley on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reports. A second day will cover West Los Angeles, South east Los Angeles, and the South Bay. The third day, canvassers will hit the Antelope Valley, South L.A., and what the Times terms Metro Los Angeles.

Volunteers are assisted by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and work mostly overnight and in early morning hours. The project, overseen by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority costs around $1.1 million. Volunteer sign-ups are still being accepted.

Last year, the count identified 58,936 unhoused individuals in the county, with 36,300 of them within the city of Los Angeles.

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